How can I sync audio books to my iPhone?

Episode 1619 (1:48:57)

Richard from Paducah, Kentucky

Richard is visually impaired and has been listening to an audio book he converted from iTunes. But his phone won't play it. Leo says that audio books usually have an M4B standard to provide for bookmarking, and many audio players don't support it. It also gave him multiple copies of it. How can he bypass iTunes and play it? Leo says Richard could try iBooks. It will not only play audio books, but it can sync. But Richard says iBooks will only support purchased items. Leo says it will. Start over and what you want to add it to your itunes library and then go into the settings for your device and sync audio books. Then it'll sync it over and you'll be able to play it. Also make sure it has an AAC format. This is all going to change with Apple's new Music app when OSX gets updated next month.