How can I learn to code?

Episode 1619 (47:43)

Markus from Winachi, WA
Code Academy

Markus would like to learn how to code. What language should he start with and what resources should he use? Leo says that by default, you should go to CodeAcademy or and learn Python. That's the short answer. But a better solution is to consider why you want to code? Do you want to write apps for iOS? Learn Swift. If for Android? Java. 

But Leo says it's a mistake to start by how to think about coding. Learn a language that helps you to solve problems. That's a higher-level approach. Leo recommends the eBook - How To Design Programs. It's a free download. Spend six months learning that and the language Dr. Racket, and then go to Code Academy or and then start learning to code. edX is another good resource as well.