Have I been hacked?

Episode 1617 (14:28)

Ross from Manhattan Beach, CA

Ross is worried he may have been hacked after searching for the Quicken Support number online and calling them. Could he have gotten a phony number? Leo says never Google phone numbers unless you go directly to their website. Leo says that hackers will buy ads for specific search error messages, and it could be that Ross had been compromised after giving them access to scanning the computer. Leo says it would be prudent to scan his system. Before doing that, since Ross is very savvy, he could do a search with Malwarebytes first. Ross did and found nothing. That's good news. Run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool or Windows Defender (Windows 10) for a second opinion. 

But it sounds like the guy Ross was talking to was more interested in selling him security software than installing malware. But to be safe, it would be a good idea to just format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. But that's a lot to do.