Is the Asus Mesh Router a good option?

Episode 1617 (1:31:39)

David from Los Angeles, CA
Eero Mesh Router

David is moving to a three-story house and he's looking to get an ASUS Mesh router and wants to know how it is. Leo says he's used most of the Mesh routers out there, but not ASUS. They do make good wifi extenders though. Mesh Routers are better though because it doesn't slow down like an extender does since it spends half its time talking to the router. Mesh has a backchannel for router communication. The eero Mesh router has an automatic quality of service that does a better job managing bandwidth as it's needed, and it gets smarter as time goes by. It also has parental control features. For Raw speed, NetGear Orbi is excellent. For best management software, eero stands out.

The Leera Mesh router from ASUS looks really cool. But Leo is a big fan of NetGear Orbi and the eero.