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Watch Ross from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Ross is worried he may have been hacked after searching for the Quicken Support number online and calling them. Could he have gotten a phony number? Leo says never Google phone numbers unless you go directly to their website. Leo says that hackers will buy ads for specific search error messages, and it could be that Ross had been compromised after giving them access to scanning the computer. Leo says it would be prudent to scan his system. Before doing that, since Ross is very savvy, he could do a search with Malwarebytes first. Ross did and found nothing. That's good news. Run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool or Windows Defender (Windows 10) for a second opinion. 

But it sounds like the guy Ross was talking to was more interested in selling him security software than installing malware. But to be safe, it would be a good idea to just format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. But that's a lot to do.

Watch Ed from Clairmore, OK Comments

Ed is worried that his passwords can be read when he logs into a website. Leo says that's largely why Google is now requiring all websites to be updated with encryption via https. What about apps that use TouchID? Leo says that they are likely supporting encryption too. Leo says that with https everywhere, we are far safer than ever. 

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Watch Theresa from Westminster, CO Comments

Theresa has been hearing about 5G and recently found out they're getting a new cell tower in her neighborhood. Is living near a cell tower safe? Leo says absolutely, there's no real issue with radiation: it's a myth. It's also really small, and the energy of radiation decreases exponentially as it gets farther away from the tower. So there's no need to worry. But the big challenge of 5G is that it requires more towers. The real evidence is, that it's harmless. Think about how often you hold a cellphone to your head: there's simply not enough energy to do any damage. Anyone can say anything online, doesn't make it true. Could it decrease home value? Well, that depends on perception.

Watch Dave from Palm Beach, FL Comments

Dave wants to know how to find out how much bandwidth he uses every month. Leo says that if your router supports DD-WRT firmware, you can. But your router may already keep track. So look in your router settings to find out. If not, and your router supports it, you can install DD-WRT firmware. Check out But understand, that flashing the firmware on your router could void the warranty. If you need a new one, get the ASUS router, it uses a flavor of DD-WRT already out of the box. 

Watch Timmy from Oak Hills, CA Comments

Timmy wants to know if he can get firewire for his Windows laptop? He has a mixer that is firewire based. Leo says you want to be looking at Thunderbolt moving forward, and you can get a cable for about $30 that will adapt Firewire to Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is the future, and that will future proof your hardware.

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Watch Jeff from Rockland, NY Comments

Jeff dropped his DJI drone out of the sky for no reason. Leo says he hasn't heard of that problem with DJI drones just dropping out of the sky, but DJI should fix it for free if it isn't operator error. Here's a forum post talking about it though.

Watch Chris from Studio City, California Comments

Chris wants to know why his ATMs will require an update costing $10,000. Leo says it depends on what your license options are, but those ATM machines are running on old versions of Windows, like Windows XP, and they have to keep them updated for security purposes. And it would be expensive to update to a new version of Windows. So it depends on the license you have. What about Windows 7? Leo says that Windows 7 will go end of life in January 2020. 

Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David is moving to a three-story house and he's looking to get an ASUS Mesh router and wants to know how it is. Leo says he's used most of the Mesh routers out there, but not ASUS. They do make good wifi extenders though. Mesh Routers are better though because it doesn't slow down like an extender does since it spends half its time talking to the router. Mesh has a backchannel for router communication. The eero Mesh router has an automatic quality of service that does a better job managing bandwidth as it's needed, and it gets smarter as time goes by. It also has parental control features. For Raw speed, NetGear Orbi is excellent. For best management software, eero stands out.

The Leera Mesh router from ASUS looks really cool. But Leo is a big fan of NetGear Orbi and the eero. 

Watch Josh from Mesa, AZ Comments

Josh's computer "went off the rails" when he did RoboCopy and wiped his hard drive. So now, he needs to talk about data recovery on his hard drive. Leo says that if there's a software issue, or if you deleted a file, the data is still there until you overwrite it. Leo recommends RECUVA. But if the data has been overwritten, you really can't get the data back, not even from Drive Savers. This is why you should always back up your hard drive, ALWAYS.