Is Bitlocker Safe?

Episode 1616 (1:38:30)

Mary from Lisbon, North Dakota

Mary recently installed an SSD into her computer, as well as Bitlocker. Now she's getting a blue screen of death. So she started over, without Bitlocker, and got a BSOD again. Sandisk told her to update her laptop BIOS, and that worked. But Sandisk also said not to put encryption on an SSD. Leo says he encrypts every SSD drive. His phone is encrypted and they are SSDs. In fact, Windows Pro has Bitlocker built-in! And some turn on Bitlocker at the factory. So Mary is fine to use it, as long as she doesn't lose her password. 

She's also backing up her files to OneDrive and on her desk computer, and she can see the status. Leo says it's likely been turned off in the settings for 1903. That's a mistake and Leo bets Microsoft fixes it soon.