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Watch Howard from Tarzana, CA Comments

Howard's wife has severe neuropathy and needs a way to use her iPhone without touching the screen. Leo says that the iPhone has some of the best Accessibility features, so using SIRI and voice activation could be the best bet. But Bixby in the latest Android phones is better at voice control. Go into the iPhone's settings under Accessibility and see what's available. She can call Apple and see what they can do because they have great Accessibility support. In iOS12, there are also SIRI Shortcuts, which enables users to use verbal cues to run shortcuts. 

How about accessibility for the TV? Leo says that the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Cube works great for that.

Watch Steve from San Antonio, TX Comments

Steve wants to know about the Aeropex Headphones. Leo says he really likes them because they transmit the sound through the cheekbone beside the ear.

Steve also wants to know how he can keep track of passwords. Leo says that we do so many things now online, that passwords are out of control. That leads people to use the same password over and over, which is even worse than no password at all. So Leo recommends a password vault like LastPass or OnePassword. But the negative is, that if users lose their master password, they're really screwed. But when they add two-factor authentication, then it's OK. Leo suggests making a backup of passwords with the Vault, and keep them in a text file on a USB key that isn't accessible online. 

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Watch Tom from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Tom has four iMacs and each one is getting an error when connecting to ethernet, and can't connect to the Internet because of a "self-assigned address." But he can connect via WiFi. Leo says to go to the Network system preference pane and make sure that Ethernet is dragged to the top. Also, make sure it's using DHCP in the settings. One thing that may be causing the error is that the computer doesn't see the ethernet cable when booting up, and then gives the self-assigned address. It could also be the router itself. And since all four computers are doing it, that leads Leo to believe it's the router. But it could also be the modem connection to the router. So make sure that the computers are connected to the router, not the modem. And if the cable modem is doing routing as well, then there are two routers competing. So one has to be put in bridge mode.

Watch Chip from Cherry Hill, New Jersey Comments

Chip's PC is stuck in the boot cycle and eventually goes to a black/blue screen of death while updating Windows 10. Leo says he has a hunch that the hard drive is stuck and Windows can't find a particular file. If he can't go into safe mode, then the next option is to download a WINDOWS ISO and put it on USB with the installer (media creation tool). Then reinstall Windows from the USB key. But he can also run the recovery utility before reinstalling. If that doesn't work, the hard drive may be dead.

Watch Chad from Alabama Comments

Chad wants to run a game server on a secondary PS4 so others can play over the internet all over the world. HIs problem is he needs a NAT Type 1 connection to make it work. Is there any way to do it without having a second internet connection from Spectrum? Leo says that there used to be a device called a Hamachi that would do it. Ideally, try taking the router out. It will eliminate a middleman that could assign a Type 2 connection, not a Nat Type 1. Risky, but it could work. Chad can also try DMZ through the router. He can also set up port forwarding. But the Playstation may sense that and see the router anyway. Here's some information on how to change NAT type -

The problem is, that Sony has never really explained what the NAT Type 1 requires.

Chad's wife is about to go overseas on a mission trip. Will her phone work? Leo says that since it's Verizon, it's unlocked and she should be able to with no trouble. It's an LTE phone, which means it works globally. She can even get a local SIM. But that would change her phone number.

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Watch Mary from Lisbon, North Dakota Comments

Mary recently installed an SSD into her computer, as well as Bitlocker. Now she's getting a blue screen of death. So she started over, without Bitlocker, and got a BSOD again. Sandisk told her to update her laptop BIOS, and that worked. But Sandisk also said not to put encryption on an SSD. Leo says he encrypts every SSD drive. His phone is encrypted and they are SSDs. In fact, Windows Pro has Bitlocker built-in! And some turn on Bitlocker at the factory. So Mary is fine to use it, as long as she doesn't lose her password. 

She's also backing up her files to OneDrive and on her desk computer, and she can see the status. Leo says it's likely been turned off in the settings for 1903. That's a mistake and Leo bets Microsoft fixes it soon. 

Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Rob recently replaced his laser printer. But since he connected it, he gets a beep on his backup power supply. Didn't happen until he plugged in the printer, and when he turns it off, it stops beeping. Leo suspects that the battery may be wearing out and it's pulling too much of a load. As UPS wear, the capacity may go down, and a little extra in wattage can make the UPS choke. Plus, Rob may need to plug it into a different circuit, not a different plug. He might need the next model up. 

Watch Mike from LA, CA Comments

Mike needs a wireless camera that will work on his truck from 85 feet away. Leo says he can do that with a WiFi-enabled camera acting as an access point that allows Mike to join the camera with an app to see what's back there. RearView Safety is one example. Mike will also want one that's waterproof. 

Watch Joe from Austin, TX Comments

Joe wants a good Tri-Band router. Leo recommends ASUS. It gives a 2.5 GHz and two 5 GHz bands. Also, check out, they like the TPLink Archer A20