Is there a good fitness tracker with a compartment for pills?

Episode 1615 (12:24)

Joe from Tampa Bay, FL
Samsung Watch Active

Joe recently had a heart attack, and now he's looking for a fitness tracker that also has a phone case that can hold medication. Any ideas? He's in the Android universe. Leo says that there are smartphone cases that do hold pills. Leo also uses wallet cases for his. Doctor Mom says that nitro pills have to be kept in a darkened, airtight vial. Here are a few from the chatroom - (Leo says this one looks great)

As for fitness trackers, Leo says that the Apple Watch is the best for heart rate monitors, and it will warn your doctor if a heart attack is on the way.  Other options include the FitBit Charge. The Oura Ring. Doctor Mom also recommends the Garmin Vivo Fit 4.