Should I wait to buy new Apple products?

Episode 1615 (36:57)

Tom from Chicago, IL
MacBook Pro

Tom wants to know if Leo is going to buy any new Apple products soon. Leo says he has learned to wait, and he's been told that Apple will be announcing new iPhones next month. He's also heard rumors of two new iPads, based on registration in the EU for new iPads. They will likely be low-cost iPads. But Leo's favorite rumor is a new MacBook Pro without the butterfly keyboard, which Apple is believed to of abandoned in favor of older scissor-style keys. If it happens, it'll be in October and he'll be buying it. So Leo advises waiting until at least next month.

What about the Apple TV: will it be replaced soon? Leo says there's no need to wait for the next model, the 4K Apple TV was released not too long ago.