Why Won't My Roku Authenticate?

Episode 1614 (2:04:11)

Pat from Austin, TX

Pat wants to watch Fox News on Roku, and he hates that he has to jump through hoops to unlock it by entering a password. It's a pain. Leo says that many are using activation codes that they can navigate on from a mobile device. But if he's truly cut the cable, he may be out of luck. The true problem, though, is this guilty-until-proven-innocent attitude on the part of the content providers. This kind of protection doesn't stop pirates at all. Just people who do the right thing.

Pat says he keeps activating. It just won't activate. It's a recent change. Leo says that some require it over and over to discourage piracy, which is ridiculous. But it may also indicate that the authentication servers are down or jammed. Or, since Pat is using an older Roku device that may not be supported anymore. He may need a new Roku.

From Doctor Mom - there's a technote on this kind of problem - https://forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=152890