Why is My Car Playing U2 When I Get Inside?

Episode 1614 (15:00)

Jon from LA, CA
Songs of Innocence

Jon complains that U2 will start playing when he puts down his phone and gets into the car. It's very annoying. Leo suspects that it's the free U2 album that Apple gave to everyone a few years ago. It's called Songs of Innocence and it's probably in iCloud. Apple created a special tool to delete it, he can get it here. But the larger issue is that when he gets rid of it, his Bluetooth audio in his car will just play something else. Apple says there's no easy way to prevent it, other than to remove the phone from the car stereo Bluetooth. Another option is to record a minute or two of silence, and then name it with punctuation. Then, when the car Bluetooth collection plays, it should pick up the silent track instead. It'll at least give time to change to the radio.