Scott Wilkinson ... interpolated

Episode 1614 (23:50)

Scott Wilkinson

Leo wants to talk about the Vulture article on how motion smoothing or frame interpolation is ruining cinema at home. Scott agrees that we've been conditioned to believe that watching a movie at 24fps is the best, but in reality, that was just the least expensive frame rate to save money on filming with motion picture film. There are plenty of directors, like Ang Lee, James Cameron, and Peter Jackson prefer shooting at higher frame rates. It's great for sports, but people don't like it because it makes a movie look like it was shot on video (called the soap opera effect). What we need is a button on the remote that would make it easier to use interpolation when watching live sports, and then turn it off, when we're watching movies or regular TV.  Sony and Netflix do have Netflix Calibrated mode that you can turn on/off very easily. Vizio has also turned off frame interpolation by default.

But Scott rather likes it. He thinks that 24fps is a straightjacket for shooting movies. Especially now that most shoot with digital cinema cameras.