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Episode 1614 August 3, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jon from LA, CA Comments

Jon complains that U2 will start playing when he puts down his phone and gets into the car. It's very annoying. Leo suspects that it's the free U2 album that Apple gave to everyone a few years ago. It's called Songs of Innocence and it's probably in iCloud. Apple created a special tool to delete it, he can get it here. But the larger issue is that when he gets rid of it, his Bluetooth audio in his car will just play something else. Apple says there's no easy way to prevent it, other than to remove the phone from the car stereo Bluetooth. Another option is to record a minute or two of silence, and then name it with punctuation. Then, when the car Bluetooth collection plays, it should pick up the silent track instead. It'll at least give time to change to the radio.


Watch Nancy from Largo, FL Comments

Nancy has T1 drive encryption on her Samsung 1TB hard drive, but she can't see it on her laptop. Leo says she has to install special drivers that will modify the OS to encrypt the hard drive. But Leo doesn't like a third party having that kind of control. Since she had it on her old hard drive, she is aware and still has the password. So she'll have to re-download the software from Samsung. She can get it here

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Watch Hope from McComb, Mississippi Comments

Hope wanted to know if she can upgrade her cloud storage through her Galaxy Note 9. Leo is pretty sure that Samsung will sell her more cloud storage if she wants to, and it's a good idea to back up phone data. She can buy more, but it may be for select carriers. But she can also use Google Photos, which offers free unlimited high-resolution storage, and she can upload automatically with a simple check of a box.

Watch Grant from St. Paul, Minnesota Comments

Grant wants to get an electric bike. Leo says they are great to get around, and he can pedal them. But they aren't cheap at $1500 or more. He can electrify an old bike, but that's almost as much. Leo's wife likes the RadRover with big fat tires.

From the chatroom - Check out for electrifying a bike.

There's also a recumbent trike called the TerraTrike.

One thing Leo advises is to try them out first. If he looks around town, he'll find electric bikes that he can rent by the hour or by the mile. Give it a go first.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Mark from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mark has two Windows 10 computers, and they're both starting to lag, especially when opening apps. Leo says that usually indicates a hard drive issue. The drive is starting to fail, and the computer keeps trying until it gives up. It could also be the app itself causing lag. But generally, it's usually a hard drive issue. Leo suspects if he replaces the hard drive, it'll speed up. Especially if he gets an SSD. Look in the task manager and see what's hogging the processor. It could be Windows is indexing, or it could be malware. 

Watch Mike from Riverside, CA Comments

Mike resurrected an old computer to look through some old floppies, but they're password protected and he can't remember the password. Leo says that if Mike can figure out how he password protected it, that could give him a clue. But floppy disks weren't normally password protected. So it's an odd thing for a password pop up to happen. It may be possible to examine the disk using a Linux computer. That could lead to being able to read it. But not for very much longer, as Linux will not support floppies moving forward. Linux has some low-level tools that could examine each sector and get the data off.

Here are a few links that could help -


Watch Pat from Austin, TX Comments

Pat wants to watch Fox News on Roku, and he hates that he has to jump through hoops to unlock it by entering a password. It's a pain. Leo says that many are using activation codes that they can navigate on from a mobile device. But if he's truly cut the cable, he may be out of luck. The true problem, though, is this guilty-until-proven-innocent attitude on the part of the content providers. This kind of protection doesn't stop pirates at all. Just people who do the right thing.

Pat says he keeps activating. It just won't activate. It's a recent change. Leo says that some require it over and over to discourage piracy, which is ridiculous. But it may also indicate that the authentication servers are down or jammed. Or, since Pat is using an older Roku device that may not be supported anymore. He may need a new Roku.

From Doctor Mom - there's a technote on this kind of problem -