Can I buy a replacement battery for my laptop?

Episode 1613 (48:27)

Lori from West LA, California
ASUS VivoBook

Lori's friend has an Asus Vivobook computer that needs to have the battery replaced. But there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Leo says that the Right to Repair is a serious movement that computer companies are starting to resist, chiefly Apple. They make it harder to open up your computer and they won't even offer replacement parts. That's why there are bills to establish a right to repair law in several states. There are third party parts out there for batteries, but they have varying standards and Leo says that Lithium-Ion Batteries can explode or catch fire, and the cheap ones can overcharge and explode. Leo says that you can use third party batteries in cameras, but a laptop is a completely different ballgame. Stick with the manufacturer.