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Watch CJ from Murrieta, California Comments

CJ wants to know if she can download Apple Car play and install it into 2014 Lincoln. Leo says that the only way CJ could do it is to "put a new head into it." I.E., you could install a new car stereo that has Apple Play. Sam Abuelsamid says that infotainment systems are so integrated now, that you can't really replace the head at all. You can put it into an older car that can take an aftermarket stereo, but cars within the last few years are tough. Sam says that there are apps that work with her car over Bluetooth using Applink. But CJ says that Lincoln no longer supports it.

Watch Richie from Tulsa, Oklahoma Comments

Richie would like to know how to partition his hard drive. Leo says that TerraByte Drive Image is a good one to use (recommended by Steve Gibson) but image your hard drive first, just in case. Other options include Partition Magic, Acronis, Macruyn Refectm, and EaseUS Partition Master. You can even do it from your command line with DiskPart. 

To image your hard drive first ... here are a few options



Drive Snapshot

DriveImage XML

Terabyte Image for Windows

For the Mac, Leo uses SuperDuper. The nice thing about SuperDuper, you can create a bootable image.

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Watch Lori from West LA, California Comments

Lori's friend has an Asus Vivobook computer that needs to have the battery replaced. But there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Leo says that the Right to Repair is a serious movement that computer companies are starting to resist, chiefly Apple. They make it harder to open up your computer and they won't even offer replacement parts. That's why there are bills to establish a right to repair law in several states. There are third party parts out there for batteries, but they have varying standards and Leo says that Lithium-Ion Batteries can explode or catch fire, and the cheap ones can overcharge and explode. Leo says that you can use third party batteries in cameras, but a laptop is a completely different ballgame. Stick with the manufacturer.

Watch Alex from Rancho Cucamonga, California Comments

Alex wants to start a YouTube channel. Leo says that if he has a smartphone he can hit the ground running. As for video editing, Leo recommends Adobe Premiere Elements. It's under $100. But your phone may also be able to edit the video you shoot. Don't go overboard with gear: start small, and then upgrade your gear as you need to. Lights are important though.

Watch Josh from Austin, Texas Comments

Alex is trying to get rid of Trend Micro antivirus software on his computer, but it won't go away. Leo says these days, antivirus software can't really be removed by a simple uninstall command. It's too embedded in the system. You need to download and install their removal tool, which will custom remove the antivirus software. Here's where you can get it.

Leo also says it's really annoying that computer companies take money to put this stuff on a computer before they sell it.

Watch Max from Riverside, CA Comments

Max's home is 1700 square feet and he's thinking of getting a Mesh router. Leo says he's a big fan of Mesh networks because they can handle congestion a lot better than an average router. Leo recommends Eero, but he also likes the Netgear Orbi, which is rated as the current fastest. But Eero does the quality of service (QOS) using bandwidth shaping.  Also understand that MESH routers are more expensive but usually come with a base station and a satellite unit. However, if you want the fastest possible connection for your TV, you'll want to hardwire it in. 

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Watch Bruce from Carlsbad, California Comments

Bruce updated his old Dell Inspiron to Windows 7 after buying a DVD on eBay for it. But after a month or so it stops working. So he bought another one with Windows 10 and it worked fine. Leo says that Bruce got lucky, most of the time, those serial keys are being resold over and over and often doesn't work with Microsoft's authentication servers. And with Windows 10, the serial number is assigned to the computer, fingerprinting it. Also, you don't have to buy the media, you can just download it from Microsoft directly. Once Microsoft authenticates it, you no longer need the serial number, and your computer will always be able to upgrade from here on out.

Watch Sam from Eugene, Oregon Comments

Sam has worked hard to minimize his bandwidth by turning off images in his email account. But it the image still flashes briefly, what gives? Leo says that what Sam has discovered is that while the email account isn't displaying the image, it's set to display your email as HTML, and that means it's still downloading them, and that can trigger a virus or exploit. What you need to do is use an email client that only downloads the ASCII text email and not display emails in HTML. That will prevent it. Thunderbird is free and is very good. Turn off HTML and image loading. Then you'll just get plain text on a page. 

Watch Jim from Windor, CO Comments

Jim got a slide scanning machine to scan his slides, but he doesn't have software for it. Where can he get it? Leo says that there's a third-party driver called VueScan at It's an old-time TWAIN driver that supports a wide array of scanners. You can get it at It's worth paying for as well.

Watch Alan from Wakefield, Massachusetts Comments

Alan has an Asus laptop that's stuck in bios during bootup. Leo says that is called the boot loader. It's called the bootstrap process. If it's stopping, then that means the hard drive has failed. The master boot record in the hard drive could be damaged. Try booting to a USB drive. If that works, then you know that it's the hardware. If not, then it's a software issue.

Watch Debbie from Roland Heights, CA Comments

Debbie's Samsung Galaxy S4 won't work without being plugged in anymore. Leo says that the Galaxy S4 was one of the last ones that you could replace the battery too, and there are third party batteries from Anker and Aukey that you could buy for it. But Leo says it's pretty old now since the Galaxy S line is up to 10 now. So Leo says it's time Debbie got a new model. She could probably get the S9 for a really good deal. What about the Google Pixel? Leo says it has the best camera on the market, though the screen is better on the Samsung. But nobody does better than Google on the camera. The Pixel 3A is also great about battery life. In fact, modern phones will get you through the day now for regular use.  Another good option is the Motorola Moto G9 if you're on a budget. Then there's the One Plus 7 Pro: it's superb with a 90hz refresh rate, giving it a beautiful solid image with an excellent camera. And One Plus doesn't put a lot of extra software on it. They use the OxygenOS version of Android and it's very good. 

But if you like a giant screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be out in a few weeks.