Sam Abuelsamid ... charged

Episode 1611 (21:02)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam wants to talk about DC Fast charging, which some are complaining is as expensive as buying gas. Sam says it's not that bad, but you will pay a premium because of the amount of power that must be supplied to meet the peak load demand in fast charging centers. Sam says you can save if you do DC Fast charging on a regular basis by having a subscription plan for charging. Ala carte is always more expensive because of connection fees. Subscription plans offer waived connection fees and a lower per minute charge. 

Leo wonders why don't the chargers use solar. Sam says some do, but you don't get enough power into the bank to build the charge, so it's largely supplemental. Solar just can't provide enough power to get enough of a charge for a car by themselves. That's why there aren't solar panels built into a car. Could we ever get to a point where roadways could collect solar power and charge cars as they drive? Sam says that's dynamic charging, and it's more a challenge.  There are a lot of roadways that absorb the sun. So why not make them able to produce power?