How can I pick up local TV stations with my antenna?

Episode 1611 (2:05:26)

Bob from Louisville, TN
Microsoft Surface Book 2

Bob has been a cord cutter for nearly a decade. However, local TV is important to him and he's used an antenna for OTA signals for awhile. However, the FCC has sold off a lot of that spectrum, making it harder to pick up signals using his antenna. Leo says that FCC is also asking stations to move frequencies so they can sell off more of the spectrum. In most cases, all you need to do is run a re-scan on your TV to get the new station frequencies. You may need to do it several times. The FCC has a site that gives you the information here. And there's a list you can access of stations here.

Should Bob get rid of his SurfaceBook? Leo says that it is. Microsoft kinda screwed up the SurfaceBook, and it's never gotten better. Leo recommends HP, Lenovo, and Dell. The HP Spectre and Envy are great. The Lenovo Thinkpad is built like a tank. The Dell XPS is very reliable. And all three will handle video editing as well.