How can I cut the cable?

Episode 1611 (32:39)

Yvonne from Homosassa, Florida
Roku Express

Yvonne wants to cut the cable and stream. Will the Roku work on her smart TV? Leo says that Roku works great for TVs that aren't smart TVs, but you can use it with a Smart TV. In fact, smart TVs generally aren't that smart, so get the Roku. 

How do you get programming once you cut the cord? Well, the sad irony is, that while you're cutting out the cable bill, you now have to pay for your streaming bill. And when you add up the internet monthly charge, pay for live TV, stream from Netflix, HBO, etc. You're paying just as much, if not more. So you're not really saving too much money.

Leo does recommend YouTube TV for your live streaming television service. There's also LoCast. It promises live TV streaming for free. But Leo says it's in limited areas and it's only a matter of time before it runs out of money to pay for it. So you'll likely still have to have a paid subscription to something.