Faceapp Causing Concern to Privacy Advocates and Congress

Episode 1611 (02:13)


The mobile app called FaceApp is causing concern with privacy advocates, and even members of Congress because people are concerned that their photos are being uploaded to servers in Russia. But the developer, who worked for Microsoft when he got the idea, assures that all photos are uploaded to Amazon cloud servers. The bigger concern is that the terms of service grant FaceApp the ownership of your likeness forever. Leo says, though, that it's just legal-speak that's written in the broadest possible terms.

As for the photos, Leo says that Facebook has access to all your photos anyway, as does Twitter, and Instagram, and others. If you're putting them on the internet, your photos are out there. On the other hand, as more of our security is built around our likeness, maybe giving away your likeness is like giving away your social security number, and that we are right to be concerned.