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Watch David from Escondido, CA Comments

David has been using PopOS for Linux and he's having issues with Gmail because the Gnome browser is pretty heavy weight. Leo says that PopOS often has that problem and he recommends Ubuntu, or XFCE. You can also use a browser called Epiphany.

Watch Yvonne from Homosassa, Florida Comments

Yvonne wants to cut the cable and stream. Will the Roku work on her smart TV? Leo says that Roku works great for TVs that aren't smart TVs, but you can use it with a Smart TV. In fact, smart TVs generally aren't that smart, so get the Roku. 

How do you get programming once you cut the cord? Well, the sad irony is, that while you're cutting out the cable bill, you now have to pay for your streaming bill. And when you add up the internet monthly charge, pay for live TV, stream from Netflix, HBO, etc. You're paying just as much, if not more. So you're not really saving too much money.

Leo does recommend YouTube TV for your live streaming television service. There's also LoCast. It promises live TV streaming for free. But Leo says it's in limited areas and it's only a matter of time before it runs out of money to pay for it. So you'll likely still have to have a paid subscription to something.

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Watch Alex from Durham, NC Comments

Alex would like to use his own router with AT&T U-verse, can he? Leo says only if you aren't getting your TV service from U-verse. That requires AT&T's proprietary router. You could turn the AT&T router into bridge mode or IP Pass through, and then use your router with it. That's possible. Will it affect the speed? Leo says no, but it could affect whether you can select your own DNS service. You can also try using DNS over HTTPS using Cloudflare to eliminate the ability for AT&T to see what you're doing. But that's advanced stuff. Check out this link.

Watch Larry from Petaluma, CA Comments

Larry is having issues with his Windows 10 machine restarting. It physically shuts down and restarts. Leo says he has a hunch that the power supply is failing and it is causing a restart. It's definitely not a software issue. It may also be heat-related. If it happens under "load," and your fans aren't moving air enough, that could be it. Heat can also be caused if your computer's insides are blanketed with dust. That can cause the computer to overheat as well. 

But the likely culprit is the power supply.

Watch Dianne from Chicago Comments

Dianne bought a laptop with an i7 processor. Should she have gotten an i9? Leo says that the i7 is overkill for people who do what Dianne does, which is surf the net, email, etc. So an i9 would be REALLY overkill. For what Dianne does, an i9 wouldn't be of any benefit to her. It's more for video editing, graphic design, heavy computational stuff. 

Does Dianne have to set up a Microsoft account? She doesn't want one if she activates Windows. Leo says you don't have to create a Microsoft account at all. There's an option to use a "local account," or a regular windows user account. You can always attach one later. 

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Watch Matt from Anaheim, CA Comments

Matt was told by Spectrum that they'll have to trench in order to get his internet access into his office building, and it's going to take 60 days to do. It doesn't make sense why can't they just route the cable from the pole? Leo says that Spectrum is going to do what they're going to do, but that doesn't mean they're the only game in town. Look for alternatives. You can go to and see what internet access is available in your area. Talk to your building's supervisor to see what choices are available coming into it. Because Matt is in a commercial area, he'll likely have more options, and can even use that as leverage with Spectrum.

Watch Bud from Lolo, Montana Comments

Bud wants to know if Apple will ever use Live Listen with AirPods. Leo says it should be. Go into your control center settings, scroll down until you see the hearing aid option. Enable it. That should add live listen. As long as your AirPods are paired and connected, you should be able to hear.

Watch Rico from Cerritos, California Comments

Rico can't see his printer using Google WiFi. What gives? Leo says that Rico may want to try Google Cloud print. Most wireless printers will support printing from the Internet. You go into your Google account and turn on cloud print. As long as your printer is on the network, you'll be able to print anywhere around the world.

Watch Clay from Highland, CA Comments

Sam's Samsung HD TV turns off after about 10 seconds. He's googled it and sees things from replacing the remote to replacing the motherboard in the TV altogether. Can he DIY it? Videos say he can.  Leo says that today's modern flatscreens aren't very fixable at all. Even if they could repair it, it's likely going to cost more than the TV is worth. It's not like the old days when you can get a TV repairman out to fix it. 

Leo suggests looking at a 4K OLED.

Watch Klaus from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Klaus operates a wine company and he uses Square to use his mobile device as a point of sale device. But when he comes home, he can't export any details to get shipping information after the sale. Leo says there are other options like Shopify and Lightspeed. Outside of that, maybe calling Square to find out would be a good idea. 

Klaus would also like to change his website to improve his online sales. Leo says that and Squarespace have eCommerce options, but if you're going to Shopify for your mobile stuff, they can help you with eCommerce as well. So does

Watch Bob from Louisville, TN Comments

Bob has been a cord cutter for nearly a decade. However, local TV is important to him and he's used an antenna for OTA signals for awhile. However, the FCC has sold off a lot of that spectrum, making it harder to pick up signals using his antenna. Leo says that FCC is also asking stations to move frequencies so they can sell off more of the spectrum. In most cases, all you need to do is run a re-scan on your TV to get the new station frequencies. You may need to do it several times. The FCC has a site that gives you the information here. And there's a list you can access of stations here.

Should Bob get rid of his SurfaceBook? Leo says that it is. Microsoft kinda screwed up the SurfaceBook, and it's never gotten better. Leo recommends HP, Lenovo, and Dell. The HP Spectre and Envy are great. The Lenovo Thinkpad is built like a tank. The Dell XPS is very reliable. And all three will handle video editing as well.