Scott Wilkinson and a few good movies

Episode 1610 (17:55)

Scott Wilkinson

This week, Scott is going to Sony Pictures to see their Crystal LED technology. It's like a giant LED TV; the size of a movie theater. It looks super cool and will get much brighter than any projected image. That means the dynamic range is incredible. He'll be watching MIB International. Scott says that there is no HDR format for any other display system other than Dolby Cinema, so it'll be interesting to see how this will compare. 

The thing is, there is no standard. Scott also says that without a projected screen, there is no way to hear the sound that is from behind the image. Since microLED screens are like TVs, there isn't really a way to have sound coming from behind. So they use speakers above and around and then use sound processing to make it sound like it's coming from the image.