The Giz Wiz and the Sony WalkMan

Episode 1610 (1:56:26)

Dick DeBartolo

It's the 40th Anniversary of the first Sony Walkman..and I own one of the them. So Dick returned to Dick's Gadget Warehouse to pick it up. Yes, it's the Sony Walkman Cassette Player TPS-L2. Thanks to the being featured in the Guardians in the Galaxy it's becoming famous again. Because of that wildly popular show that the price of them on eBay is quite high. I saw two on eBay for an asking price of $500, and one with an asking price of $625.00. They're used of course, because like mine, they're 40 years old. Mine does not work, but if you're handy, there's a belt repair kit on eBay for under $10. It cost about $200 in 1979. $200 in 1979 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $705.00 in 2019, a difference of $505.00 over 40 years, according to an Internet calculator.

Here's a video of mine:

Giz Wiz Warehouse Video

And there's a 'prop version available too: Toy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - Star-Lord Peter Quill - Sony Walkman TPS-L2 prop, with headphones.

Even iPhone Sony Walkman Cases on Amazon for older iPhones

And from Sony, to celebrate 40 years of personal music devices – here's a look at all the various Sony music players with a lot of failed memory systems from the past 40 years!