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Watch Bill from Wilmington, CA Comments

Bill wants to know about the Zello walkie talkie app. How does it really work? Does it transmit over the air like a real walkie talkie? Leo says it doesn't broadcast, it uses your mobile phone data network to communicate. So you use data every time you use Zello. It's similar to VoIP in that regard. It's fun and handy, but it does eat through your data.

Watch John from Alberta, Canada Comments

John's daughter has a computer that needs to update. Should he wait for the next one which is coming in a month? Leo says you can, it's only a feature update. But Microsoft really wants you to upgrade or they will eventually end of life your version. And if you're computer can't handle the update, then you may be stuck having to buy a new computer. It's a mess. If you can update, then do so, but don't force it. As long as you're getting the monthly security updates, you're OK.

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Watch Clarence from Chesapeake, VA Comments

Clarence saw the giant Apollo Saturn V image that was projected on the Washington Monument and wanted to know how they did that. Leo says it was probably done with laser projection. It's state of the art, very cool, and nearly life-size too. Not only that, but they're also showing the Lunar Module landing on the moon. Overall, great use for the Washington Monument as a back drop and a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Saturn V.

You can see it on YouTube now.

Watch Michael from Anaheim, CA Comments

Micheal wants to know if these coding boot camps can get you a job after learning for only 12 weeks? Leo says that you can get a good start with them, but it's not something you don't want to pay too much money on. Code Academy will teach you the same basic skills. But even then, you have to take what you learn to the next level to make a living at it. Nothing can substitute practice and experience. 

Leo says that learning full-stack web development via Javascript is a great way to get a job. Learning Python is also a good idea. But good programming practices will keep you from picking up bad habits. Leo recommends the book How to Code.

Watch William from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

William wants to know why GoDaddy isn't trustworthy? Leo says he believes that GoDaddy uses its domain naming services to sell web hosting. They are rumored to also buy domains that people search for and don't buy, then sell them for a higher price. That's not cool. They also used to do really sexist advertising. But the real issue is that he believes that Deb Hosting and Domain Naming should be kept separate. Leo believes there are just better options out there.

Watch Bob from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Bob wants to know why Dell tech support has gotten so bad? Leo says that's because computers have gotten so cheap, that any tech support isn't profitable to offer unless it's shipped overeas. You can purchase Gold level support, and that's going to be better, but the sad fact is, that because we want cheaper computers, there ins't going to b e any decent suport. 

Bob also wants to know why his hard drive is so full? Is there anything he can delete? Leo says that Windows will take a certain amount, and then there's the computer restore files. Leo recommends WinDirStat. It'll tell you what's eating up all your hard drive space. 

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Watch DW from Encinitas, CA Comments

DW wants to know if 7,000 listeners for his podcast is good. Leo says it's great! That's a nice Niche audience. 

Leo says to check out Headline Minute with DW. Let's make DW a star!

Watch Steve from San Antonio, TX Comments

Steven thinks that those surveys people take on Facebook profiles you to violate your privacy. Leo says that ALL of Facebook is profiling you, and the company sells that information. Facebook is designed to use your information for profit, and they got fined $5 Billion for doing it during the 2016 election. 

Watch Kevin from Missoula, Montana Comments

Kevin keeps hearing news that Bluetooth headsets will cause cancer. Leo says that's a distorted story. It's not that they cause cancer, it's that AirPods and earbuds can ruin your hearing because people listen too loudly to them.