How can I roll back my Android launcher?

Episode 1609 (30:11)

Jack from Stone Mountain, GA
Samsung Note 8

Jack uses a Samsung Note Android phone and he used to be able to do a list view of all the running apps. But now it's changed to a tiny screenshot. How can he change it back? Leo says that Google changed the way to display it, and it's at the system level in their launcher, and so there may not be a way to roll that back. But since Jack has a Samsung phone, he can use the Samsung app called GOOD LOCK in the Samsung Store and you can change it back using the Task Changer feature. You will be able to change it back to LIST. 

Jack also wants to create a server for his Amazon FireTV for streaming. Leo recommends using Plex. It will let you get the stream and then transfer the stream throughout the house using the Plex server.