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Watch Barry from Northridge, CA Comments

Barry bought a QNap NAS recently and he's a bit frustrated that there isn't a lot of documentation with it for the hardware or software.  Leo says that's a common problem as they assume you're an expert if you're looking to use a NAS for a backup. Leo says that YouTube is a great place to learn how to run QNap. There's a QNapTV Channel there.

Watch Ellie from Hawaii Comments

Ellie would like to get rid of her account on Facebook. Completely. Leo says that you don't really have to do that unless you really want to. He suggests starting by taking the app off your phone. But thanks to the GDPR regulations from the EU, Facebook has made it easy. Go to It gives you a link directly to the Facebook delete page. Facebook will first deactivate your account for a month. After that, it will be permanently deleted. If you visit Facebook once during that time, it will assume you don't want to delete your account. It will also try and put your account into a deactivated status just in case you want to come back later.

Watch Jack from Stone Mountain, GA Comments

Jack uses a Samsung Note Android phone and he used to be able to do a list view of all the running apps. But now it's changed to a tiny screenshot. How can he change it back? Leo says that Google changed the way to display it, and it's at the system level in their launcher, and so there may not be a way to roll that back. But since Jack has a Samsung phone, he can use the Samsung app called GOOD LOCK in the Samsung Store and you can change it back using the Task Changer feature. You will be able to change it back to LIST. 

Jack also wants to create a server for his Amazon FireTV for streaming. Leo recommends using Plex. It will let you get the stream and then transfer the stream throughout the house using the Plex server.

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Watch Chris from Long Island, NY Comments

Chris wants to know if he uses the professional version of Microsoft 365 at home, can his company see what he does? Leo says only if you use the corporate One Drive. Courts have upheld that if you use company resources, they have every right to look at your data without warning. So they can spy on you. So it's always best to keep your personal and business stuff separate. So it's wise to use a personal version of Office, just to be sure. Or go with Google Docs or an open source office like Libre Office.

Watch Steve from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Steve has an old Toshiba Satellite Laptop that was running really slow and he's trying to reset Windows 10. He's getting a popup to run disk utility. Leo says it sounds like the hard drive is getting flakey and needs to be replaced. Fortunately, Rick has his data backed up and the hard drives are cheap. So replace the drive and you'll be back in business. $50 for a 2TB spinning drive. But Leo says that SSDs are almost as cheap. So why not go SSD and speed that old Toshiba up?

Watch Jorge from Puerto Rico Comments

Jorge wrote an app about 40 years ago that he wants to update. He's gone to Javascript Angular and wants to know if he should go to Typescript. Leo says that's a great version to work with. Twilio is also another great service. As a developer, Jorge will like their APIs.

Watch GScott from Finland Comments

GScott is having issues with rebooting to USB on his computer and his USB Key isn't booting up. Leo says to make sure your USB key is properly formatted and made. Turn off secure boot, then try changing the boot order in BIOS to check USB first. 

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Watch Lynn from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Lynn's wifi drops out from time to time. Leo says that's usually an indication that your router is worn out, but if it's new, then it could be congestion from other WiFi signals in your neighborhood. Using a dual band router with a 5Ghz frequency, that can help, because not only are other routers using 2.4Ghz, but there's also all the smart devices that use them as well. So it's really congested out there.

Watch Joe from Clear Water, Florida Comments

Joe is sick of CAPTCHA, which he gets when using Google and his VPN. But not when he uses BING. Can he get rid of CAPTCHA? Leo says that those are in place because there are so many bots online. It's just Google making sure you are indeed a real person online. You can also use, which apparently removes captcha. Check out this link on REDDIT - And also check this out -

Joe also has an old laptop that won't boot up. Leo says it may be a flakey hard drive. Leo recommends replacing that hard drive. If it's old enough, you should be able to unscrew a plate to get to it. Then you can use a Universal USB Adapter from Newertech to try and access the data from another computer. Here's one called AGPTEK Drive Adapter that's only $14

Watch Eugene from Cartwright, Oklahoma Comments

Eugene wants to know if he could have an automatic reorder or his pet's medication on Amazon. Leo says that there is a feature called SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE, which will enable you to sign up for renewing things over and over. But it depends on the company that is offering the product. Those pet meds may or may not be available. But you can set it up and forget it, and get a 15% discount as a result. But it may not be since it's medication. There's also a version called RECURRING DELIVERY.

Watch Michael from Westborough, Massachusetts Comments

Micahel has learned that Windows 7 will stop being supported in January. Is that seriously so? Leo says it is. It's called End of Life, and beginning January 14th, there will be no more security patches being done for Windows 7. That means that after January 14th, you'll want to take any Windows 7 computer off the internet, or it'll be increasingly more dangerous online. It will still work however. And considering the age of Michael's computer, it may be a great time to upgrade. Computers are faster, more powerful, and cheaper now. 

Watch Ted from Whitter, California Comments

Ted has a business and plays a pandora in the background. Is he breaking the law? Leo says that technically, you need a license fee to play music in your business. ASCAP/BMI has secret shoppers that go around looking for this kind of thing and then sends businesses letters letting them know you're in violation and have to buy a license. Google ASCAP BMI, you'll find a page on what to do in order to play music. The fee is about $250 a year. There is a service called MUZAK that does just that. They handle all that, but you pay for the service. Also, check out