Are Free Smartphones Good When Signing Up for a 2-year Deal?

Episode 1608 (35:20)

Joe from Greenville, SC

Mason saw an A50 smartphone in T-Mobile which is free with a two-year commitment. But is it junky? Leo says that all mobile carriers offer cheaper phones that they can offer for free, and it's a mixed bag if they're decent or not. But you can bet that the cameras aren't very good. Leo recommends the Motorola Moto G6 or the Samsung Galaxy S10. What about buying a phone from overseas that are unlocked? Leo says that he can do that, but the radios in the phone may not support the frequencies here in the US. But that A50 should be fine. The key is that it uses the latest version of Android, which is currently version 9. He also may want to ask how quickly the updates are provided.