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Watch Terry from Michigan Comments

Terry wants to buy a device to cast to his home office TV. Would the Chromecast work or should he buy the FireTV Stick? Leo says that the Chromecast is a great device, but it doesn't stand on its own. He'll have to navigate to what he wants to watch on a phone and then cast to the Chromecast device. Stand-alone devices like Roku and AppleTV can act as their own independent devices. As for FireTV, Leo says it really serves as a portal to sell stuff from Amazon, so he's not much of a fan. Leo says ROKU Ultra is a better choice all the way around and will also stream in 4K. The Roku stick, however, is underpowered and tends to overheat.  

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Watch Joe from Greenville, SC Comments

Mason saw an A50 smartphone in T-Mobile which is free with a two-year commitment. But is it junky? Leo says that all mobile carriers offer cheaper phones that they can offer for free, and it's a mixed bag if they're decent or not. But you can bet that the cameras aren't very good. Leo recommends the Motorola Moto G6 or the Samsung Galaxy S10. What about buying a phone from overseas that are unlocked? Leo says that he can do that, but the radios in the phone may not support the frequencies here in the US. But that A50 should be fine. The key is that it uses the latest version of Android, which is currently version 9. He also may want to ask how quickly the updates are provided. 

Watch Tucker from Kentucky Comments

Tucker wants to use a captive portal wifi hotspot, but is it secure? Some are poorly made and can leak your data, others can sell data or even input advertising into it. Is Opera a good one? Leo says it's not exactly a VPN, and by giving away the service, that costs money. So they have to be making money somehow. Also, it's not strictly a VPN, it's a proxy service. One thing that Leo recommends is the Tiny Hardware Firewall. It has a built-in webserver, dual wifi radios, and a built-in hardware firewall.

Watch Steven from San Antonio, TX Comments

Steven wants to know if it's better to image a drive or make a backup of everything. Leo says that imaging a drive makes for a quick reinstall that he can put back onto the hard drive quickly. But it's frozen in time and goes out of date quickly. That's where an incremental file backup comes in handy. Leo uses both and recommends that. 

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Watch Donna from Hudson, FL Comments

Donna wants to know if getting a computer at Costco is a good deal. Leo says that Costco usually carries last year's models, so she can get a pretty good deal, and they have a liberal return policy. For a new laptop, Leo likes the Lenovo Thinkpad. For desktops, Leo recommends Dell, especially for video editing.  Great for business too.

Watch John from Mangum, Oklahoma Comments

John wants to know if an Alcatel tablet will be good for streaming video. He can get one for cheap from T-Mobile. Leo says the price may indicate a subsidized two-year contract. And if he's going to do that, AT&T is currently offering a free tablet with a two-year commitment. Stream it from the store to see. If he can get it out the door for that price, it'll also work with MINT, an MVNO that offers T-Mobile service for less. 

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Mike wants to remove his Google account from a Samsung Galaxy S9. Leo says that in settings, he can find an accounts feature, select account, and then remove the account. But he may have to have a Google account in order to use it. It may also remove all contacts, emails, and other data while doing it. 

Watch Debbie from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Debbie got a message on her Chromebook that says that Chrome is missing or damaged and she can't log in. Leo says it's easy to fix by using the powerwash utility if she can get to the sign-in screen. However, if she doesn't get to the log in screen, that points to a more serious problem. There's also a keyboard reset - Turn it on and press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R. This will open up the powerwash utility and completely reset and reinstall the ChromeOS. If that doesn't work, it's likely a hardware issue. Should she buy a new one? Leo says Chromebooks are still a great solution. Most people use computers that are too much for them to handle.