Why Won't My New Lightning Cable Work with My iPod?

Episode 1607 (51:41)

Char from Cambridge, Minnesota

Char bought a cable for his iPod on Amazon and it wouldn't transfer data. Leo says that sometimes there are cheap cables that don't have the data channel, and are only meant for charging. The real problem is, Amazon doesn't check to make sure the vendors aren't misrepresenting their products, and it's easy to get snookered. Let the buyer beware.

Char also got a popup on his laptop to call Microsoft because of a problem. Leo says that's a scam. Microsoft will NEVER contact you or use popups. If it keeps happening, exit out of the browser, then go back in. Also clear the browser cache. If that doesn't help, they have installed an extension on your browser or something on your computer that's causing it and you may need to reinstall Windows.