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Watch John from Mangum, Oklahoma Comments

John wants to get a basic internet that doesn't offer TV or phone or anything else: just basic internet. Leo says that ISPs tend to charge you more for basic internet, vs. one that offers a bundle with phone and TV service. But they are required to offer "dry loop" internet service which may be cheaper than a plan with phone and TV service. Your other option is to use your cell service since it has data anyway. MINT Mobile is a possible solution. They are much more affordable, starting at $15 a month. Ideal, when money is tight. Also, call City Hall and see if there's municipal WiFi available in your city.

Also, check out Internet access starting at $10 a month.

Watch Jerry from Ponte Vedra, Florida Comments

Jerry helps seniors update to Windows 10, but he runs into trouble when he goes to multiple computers. Leo says as long as they have a serial number, they should be able to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It will authenticate the computer based on the serial number. Jerry says to go to this link to download and update - You can also use the Windows 10 ISO link here - and use the media creation tool to create a USB Key to upgrade. Leo also says that Microsoft is coming to the conclusion that the days of making money on an operating system are about done. So it wouldn't surprise him if they allow anyone to upgrade after the first of the year.

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Watch Char from Cambridge, Minnesota Comments

Char bought a cable for his iPod on Amazon and it wouldn't transfer data. Leo says that sometimes there are cheap cables that don't have the data channel, and are only meant for charging. The real problem is, Amazon doesn't check to make sure the vendors aren't misrepresenting their products, and it's easy to get snookered. Let the buyer beware.

Char also got a popup on his laptop to call Microsoft because of a problem. Leo says that's a scam. Microsoft will NEVER contact you or use popups. If it keeps happening, exit out of the browser, then go back in. Also clear the browser cache. If that doesn't help, they have installed an extension on your browser or something on your computer that's causing it and you may need to reinstall Windows. 

Watch Brian from San Diego, CA Comments

Brian got off the internet two years ago. Now he's back on and he's wondering how to catch up and learn stuff. Leo says that these days, people learn to do things by going to YouTube. Anything you need to learn is probably available as a video on youtube. Local community colleges also usually have extension courses that you can learn for cheap. Online, there's a great site called HowToGeek

Since Brian is a senior, check out Senior Planet - Udemy is another good source.

Watch Sal from San Diego, CA Comments

Sal wants a small tablet for displaying photos. Leo says that iPads are always the best tablets to get; far superior to Android tablets. An iPad Mini would work as well. In fact, Google has given up on tablet development. That's a clear sign.

But there are a few decent ones, including Walmart's Go tablet for under $150 called the Go. Samsung's Galaxy Tab is around $200. Then, there's the Kindle Fire. But honestly, the iPad is really the best way to go. But the cheapest is $329. But you'd be happiest in the long run. Also, check for their refurbished models.

Watch Joe from Greenville, South Carolina Comments

Joe has an old Samsung mobile phone and he thinks it may be time to upgrade. Leo says if the phone is working fine, there's no real reason to get a new one, EXCEPT, older mobile phones aren't secure because they are rarely, if ever, updated. So getting a new phone for security reasons is a smart idea. Also, eventually, the older phones will gradually stop working with apps because developers have just moved on. The Motorola G7 is a great phone for around $200 with a great price

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Watch Dave from Blackrock, AR Comments

Dave got a call that his computer was hacked. Knowing he was being phished, he decided to have some fun with them (especially since he doesn't have a computer). Leo says it's good that Dave gave them a taste of their own medicine, but it's sad that we have to deal with scammers and end up using so much energy to protect ourselves. But while it's great Dave knew and was able to turn the tables on them, it's always best to just hang up.

Watch Roger from Pasadena, CA Comments

Roger has a bunch of old hard drives and wants to know how to wipe them so his data doesn't get compromised. Leo says that you can take the hard drives apart and hit them with a hammer, that pretty much solves the problem, but it can be a bit dangerous and platters are sometimes made of glass and can shatter. You can use a secure eraser like Derik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN). It will write over and erase the data up to 7 times. That usually makes sure the data is unrecoverable. A giant magnet will also work, like SUPER STRONG. A good eWaste recycler should have one.

Watch Andrew from Riverside, CA Comments

Andrew got burned by the MicroSD counterfeit cards that Chris Marquardt talked about here. Leo says that Andrew bought them on Amazon and he says that Amazon has got to start vetting these vendors to make sure they aren't selling counterfeit or bogus SD cards. The important thing to remember though is "if it sounds too good to be true, it often is." Caviat Emptor.

Andrew has also recently updated his Lenovo Yoga and now his fingerprint reader isn't working. Leo says that sometimes Microsoft's driver updates are hardware specific. So get the current drivers from Lenovo and install them. Chances are, it'll start working again. Update through the Lenovo Vantage/System Update key (F12). It'll update with all the necessary drivers.

Watch Ryan from California Comments

Ryan got a new modem because his ISP is now giving him faster download speeds. But when he plugs in his router, it slows down to a crawl. Leo says that since the router is new, it should be fine. Try a different ethernet cable. If the cable is old, it may not handle the bandwidth. Then, try another computer and see if you can replicate the issue. If you can't, then that will point to something on your computer. It may be the ethernet port is too old. Also, update the firmware of your router. Look in the settings and make sure your quality of service isn't splitting it up to multiple devices. Turn off QoS. 

Check your WiFi. If it's slow, then it points to the router so RESET it. If it continues, then return the router. It's probably defective.

Watch Mickey from New London, Missouri Comments

Micky wants to know what powerwashing is on a Chromebook? Leo says that it's a feature on Chromebook, that if the computer gets compromised due to a bad update, or some malware, you can use the powerwash setting to completely reset the Chromebook back to its original configuration. 

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, Pennsylvania Comments

Jerry wants to know if Google search has a date when a website was last updated. Leo says that would be a cool feature, and Google used to do that. Leo says there is a button on Google's search settings for ADVANCED. You can narrow results by the last update. That will weed out anything that isn't too old.

Watch Chris from Los Angeles, California Comments

Chris has to transfer data from old SCSI (scuzzy) hard drives to his Mac. How can he do that? Leo says that SCSI was huge in the 90s, and there may be a SCSI to USB adapter online. Try Amazon, or as a last resort eBay. MonoPrice may also work. You can do it with a PC, as there are Scuzzi to USB adapters for Windows. So it may be that you'll need to get a new PC for it. Here's an article from 2014: