Is Windows 7 Coming to an End?

Episode 1606 (12:50)

Martin from Santa Barbara, CA
Windows 7

Martin got the email that Microsoft will be killing Windows 7 in January. What does it mean? Leo says it's the normal end of life announcement, which Microsoft did for Windows XP, Me, and every single OS before it. It means that Microsoft will stop issuing patches, including security patches after January. This will make it unsafe to use online. You can still use it on your computer, but it'll be a security risk and browsers and websites will gradually stop working. So if you have Windows 7 and need to be online, it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade to Windows 10, and if you signed up for the free upgrade last year, you'll be in good shape. And you can make it look more like Windows 7 in the settings. And it's more up to date and secure, too. 

Paul Thurrott also says that if you have a Windows 7 serial number, you may be able to still upgrade to Windows 10 for free. But backup everything first.

And better, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is the final version of Windows, so it'll always be updated. You'll never have an end of life again. 

Other options, buy a new computer or use Linux, it's free.