Johnny Jet ... Shake Rattle and Roll

Episode 1606 (1:08:25)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins us to talk about the earthquakes that have struck the last few days. Though it was about 100 miles away, everyone could definitely feel it.m Here are a few tips and a plan in case of an earthquake, especially if travelling.

1. Have your phone at the ready with websites bookmarked including You'll get a warning within minutes when you sign up. 

2. Follow @NewEarthquake on Twitter

3. Download the ShakeAlert LA app. It didn't really work a few days ago, but they're constantly tweaking the system to make it more accurate. And it could give you a 20-second warning.

4. Have a wrench to turn off your gas until you can verify that there's no leak.

5. Have an earthquake kit, not only for your home but also for your car.