How Can I Get Files Onto My iPad?

Episode 1606 (1:20:00)

Phil from Reno, NV
iPad Air 2.

Phil says that people also need to have a real radio in their disaster kits as well, so you can get emergency information in the case of a natural disaster. 

Phil is also at his witts end with his new iPad Air 2. How does he put stuff on it? He can't move files from his old Android tablet to it. Leo says that Apple sandboxes all the files, so he can't drag files into it without using iTunes, or via Wifi. But the iPad Pro enables users to attach a USB Hard Drive and copy files. But that's only for the Pro. But with iTunes going away in the Fall, Apple is planning to make changes. In the Fall, it'll be three apps ... Movies, Music, and Photos. What about for Windows? Leo says one way around it is to upload photos to Google Photos and use the Google Photos app. That bypasses the entire problem.