The Giz Wiz ... RIP Mad Magazine

Episode 1606 (2:09:11)


The news of Mad Magazine ceasing publication of new content was stunning, especially since Dick Debartolo learned third hand. But they are going to be publishing "best of" issues moving forward. Dick says that he's been in every issue for 53 years, and realizing it's the end of the road brought him to tears. But even more of a tear-jerker was the online tributes that Dick has been reading about how beloved Mad Magazine was. Who's to blame? Leo says it's AT&T. They bought DC and Warners and closed down their offices a year and a half ago. 

Dick says that print is dying, and it's a large part of why Mad is going away. But more so, the world is a parody now. Satire has been diluted. Everyone is a court jester.