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Watch Martin from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Martin got the email that Microsoft will be killing Windows 7 in January. What does it mean? Leo says it's the normal end of life announcement, which Microsoft did for Windows XP, Me, and every single OS before it. It means that Microsoft will stop issuing patches, including security patches after January. This will make it unsafe to use online. You can still use it on your computer, but it'll be a security risk and browsers and websites will gradually stop working. So if you have Windows 7 and need to be online, it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade to Windows 10, and if you signed up for the free upgrade last year, you'll be in good shape. And you can make it look more like Windows 7 in the settings. And it's more up to date and secure, too. 

Paul Thurrott also says that if you have a Windows 7 serial number, you may be able to still upgrade to Windows 10 for free. But backup everything first.

And better, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is the final version of Windows, so it'll always be updated. You'll never have an end of life again. 

Other options, buy a new computer or use Linux, it's free.

Watch Doug from Encinitas, CA Comments

Doug got an HDMI switcher for his TV. Would it work with Atmos? Scott says it would, and at $4 from AliExpress, the price is right.

Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jose wants to know if he has to keep paying the monthly subscription fee to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Leo says he does. Adobe no longer sells a boxed version and has gone to the monthly subscription. Jose could go to an annual subscription. Leo doesn't like it, but that's the way it is. So here's an option:

Skylum makes great software for photos called Luminar, and HDR program called Aurora. Lifetime licenses are just $60. Or, he could buy Adobe Photoshop Elements. Jose can get about 80% of the capability of Photoshop for one price. 

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Watch Charlie from San Diego, CA Comments

Charlie has a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and got a notice this week for the Windows 1903 update. But he found an issue with it after it updated. It won't restart. It just spins. He tried several solutions online, and it didn't work. Leo says to try Windows +R to go into restore mode. If there's no important data on the machine, Leo recommends going to another computer and download the Windows Media Creation tool. Create a USB key and reinstall to the surface. He may need to go into the BIOS to get it to boot to the USB key. But reinstalling Windows is the solution. Can he get the Media Creation Tool from a Mac? Leo says yes. 

Watch Albert from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Albert travelled overseas and brought his T-Mobile phone because it offers free 2G/EDGE speeds. Leo says that it works great, even if it's slower. He can pay $10 a day for a limited amount of data on other wireless plans, too. And that's largely thanks to T-Mobile disrupting the industry.  Leo also says to google Prepaidwithdata Wiki and go to the page to find out where he can get a MiFi card when travelling overseas. 

Watch Eric from Orange, CA Comments

Eric is travelling with his kids and wants to know if he can download movies to his tablet or laptop for them to watch. Is that legal? Leo says that it is, and many streaming services will let him download content for watching offline. Can he rip the DVDs? Leo says he can. It's pretty easy to do. To do that he will need two programs: Handbrake and VLC Media Client. They work in concert to rip the DVD and put it into a single file to upload to the device. 

Watch Phil from Reno, NV Comments

Phil says that people also need to have a real radio in their disaster kits as well, so you can get emergency information in the case of a natural disaster. 

Phil is also at his witts end with his new iPad Air 2. How does he put stuff on it? He can't move files from his old Android tablet to it. Leo says that Apple sandboxes all the files, so he can't drag files into it without using iTunes, or via Wifi. But the iPad Pro enables users to attach a USB Hard Drive and copy files. But that's only for the Pro. But with iTunes going away in the Fall, Apple is planning to make changes. In the Fall, it'll be three apps ... Movies, Music, and Photos. What about for Windows? Leo says one way around it is to upload photos to Google Photos and use the Google Photos app. That bypasses the entire problem. 

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Watch Kevin from Ashville, NC Comments

Kevin has a friend who wants to get away from Windows. His entire workflow is based on an old Windows program called CadVance. Can he move away from Windows to Linux and still use that program? Leo says that there are some things that simply force users to stay with Windows because of special apps like this.  But that doesn't mean there isn't an alternative. Check out He can put in the name of a program and it'll show what alternatives are available in other operating systems. FreeCad is an open source option, as well as LibreCad, OpenScad, Solid Works, and Sketchup.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John got an Amazon Fire Tablet and he'd love to wipe it clean to get rid of having to go into Amazon for everything. Leo says one thing he can do is put the Google Play store on it. Once done, everything else on Android is available. Leo says he stopped using the FireTV because it was all about Amazon as well. He could maybe "root" the tablet in order to make it Android only. Check out XDA-Developers Forums and enter the model number under Devices.

Watch Darren from Aurora, Illinois Comments

Darren is tired of his terrible internet service. He wants to make a change. But he doesn't know where to look. Leo says to check out It'll give a list of carriers in the area and also offer reviews.

Watch Jenna from Missoula, Montana Comments

Jenna is a veteran and she doesn't use her tablet much. She's thinking of selling her tablet and going with a cheap phone and a cheap internet plan. Leo says that's a good plan, especially if she goes with a low-cost data plan with WiFi.  T-Mobile has a plan for those over $50. It's pretty cheap. But there's also MINT Mobile, an MVNO that resells phone service from T-Mobile. $15 a month or less, and she can bring her own phone.