Have I Been Hacked or is My Hard Drive Dying?

Episode 1605 (1:49:25)

Chris from Long Beach CA
Windows 7

Chris is having trouble loading his Windows profile as he logs into his Windows 7 computer. He worries he's been hacked. Leo says that more likely, it's a flakey hard drive that's preventing the data from being read. Windows 7 is now over 10 years old and if he hasn't changed that hard drive in that amount of time, it's likely a bad hard drive. Boot into safe mode and see if the profile can load. If he can, then he may just have a corrupt profile. In all likelihood though, it's a bad hard drive that's about to die. But Chris has another problem. This January, Windows 7 will go end of life and won't be supported. So he won't want to put that computer online after that.