The Giz Wiz ... gets scanned

Episode 1604 (2:12:11)

Kodak (actually C+A, a Kodak official licensee) showed three film scanners at the show. Models range from about $45 for the Kodak Mobile Scanner, good if you just have a limited amount of old film formats you want to digitize, up to about $179 for the Kodak Scanza. Here's info mostly from the company: All three of these devices let you convert film to jpegs. The 14 to 22MP KODAK Film Scanza Scanner converts old 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Negatives & Slides to JPEG Digital Files. It has a 3.5” TFT LCD – HD color display with adjustable brightness & convenient tilt for easy image viewing. The unit ships with w/multiple film inserts & adapters for flexible operation. One-Touch buttons for one-step scan & save. Helpful tray & insert directory; easily edit Image RGB & resolution, browse gallery [SD Card NOT included, supports up to 128GB). Mac & PC Compatible Converter Comes w/USB Power Cable, HDMI Cable, AC Adapter, Video Cable & Film Cleaning Brush. Use the included brush to also clean the lightbox of dust and speckles, to avoid marks on the scanned images. Prices for this, their most expensive and full-featured scanner are all over the place, with the lowest at about $160.00. The Kodak Mobile Scanner, which looks like it's made of heavy-duty cardboard uses your own smartphone as part of the copying process but features a lighted platform was about $40. All prices as of 6/29/30.

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