Why Does My Phone Change Time Zones Automatically?

Episode 1603 (1:15:30)

Earnest from Brawley, CA

Earnest's phone automatically changes time zones whenever he goes to Disneyland to a specific area in the park and wants to know why it's doing that? Leo says there's a setting in the phone that he can turn off to prevent it from automatically setting the time zone. But Leo also thinks it could be that the cell site in that area of the park is misconfigured to the wrong time zone, or depending on if he is on a WiFi network, that network is configured to a specific time zone.

It also could be that the phone may sometimes join an open-access point automatically, like the Comcast Xfinity ones that are in some public areas. Once he joins one of them, he will join them no matter where he is if there's one of those points available for the phone to connect to.