Johnny Jet ...Check your Equipment

Episode 1602 (1:17:50)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that before you book your flight, always look at what birds they're using for that flight. You can find that out online as you book. Not all planes are created equal. Johnny Jet uses Google Flights but also goes to the airline website to find out what plane is flying on his flight. You want a wide body whenever possible. 

And if you fly American, when you fly, you can get free upgrades in the offseason. 

Also, when going on a cruise, book your dinner and excursion reservations while you're booking your cruise. You can always cancel for free. Because when you get on board, it's too late.

App of the week - TripToStrip. It's Las Vegas own version of the Uber or Lyft app. It's a micro transit service that picks up at bus stops. iOS and Android.