Why is my Chromebook screen flickering?

Episode 1601 (2:06:54)

Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA

Barb recently bought a Chromebook and wants to know if they have screensavers? Leo says no. Screensavers are an anachronism from the old CRT days when images would burn into the screen. That doesn't happen anymore with LCD screens. The Chromebook just goes into power saving mode and shuts off the screen. That's how it saves the screen. The screen also flickers a little. Leo says that the image may be too bright and that causes it to flicker. That's an easy fix, you just turn down the brightness a bit. The other reason could be a pinched ribbon cable that plugs the screen into the Chromebook. It would need to be replaced. It's cheap to do. It could also be a failing power supply.