What's a good dual sim mobile phone?

Episode 1601 (13:38)

Manny from Vero Beach, Florida
Pixel 3

Manny's wife is going to need a new phone, as her Huawei Mate 9 will be denied service soon since the US Gov't believes Huawei is a security concern due to ties to the Chinese PRC Army, there won't be a new model for sale here in the US. So what are her options? Leo says that she should be able to continue using it for a few more months, but she should definitely consider a replacement soon. And she needs dual sims, which means there aren't a lot of choices, especially since she wants a great camera with it. That really lowers the options. 

Leo recommends Samsung, and he loves the S10+. Manny would probably have to get a different region version. So you'd have to make sure it works with your carrier. Another option is the One Plus. They have dual sims and Leo says it's pretty good camera wise. Lastly, Google Pixel 3.