What's an Alternative to the Echo Spot?

Episode 1600 (1:33:40)

Craig from Newport News, VA

Harold has noticed that the screen on the Echo Spot has started to flicker. Of course, his warranty has run out and the best that Amazon can do is offer him a 50% discount.  Leo says that if he's all in on the Amazon Ecosystem, then the Echo Show is a good option. But why is it broken? The Echo Spot isn't very expensive and they don't use the best screen hardware. So it may have just worn out. 

Scooter X from the chatroom - Turning off the automatic brightness will cause the screen to stop flickering. Check out this technote here - https://www.amazonforum.com/forums/devices/echo-alexa/499751-echo-spot-screen-flickering

Leo does say that the Google Assistant is another option.