The Giz Wiz and the 3D Tablet

Episode 1600 (2:05:30)

Yes, there's an app for that. For the first time in their six-year history, 3Doodler is going mobile. The 3Doodler App, launched earlier in 2019, features 10+ tutorials and projects. 3Doodler said there will be weekly additions. The App is designed to help kids and adults successfully construct their own 3D projects at home. Right on the screen of the device you used to download the app you'll find stencils, tutorials and step-by-step instructions in a mobile friendly format. The company says their seamless user experience will make the app ideal for any device, including iPads and tablets. Use your device as a canvas, but remember usage and safety instructions apply! Cofounder Max Bogue said with the low-heat pen you can draw directly on your device, but for the Pro model 3Doodler, a clear screen between it and your pen would probably be best. Watch this week's show to see some of the other 3D objects people can create. 3Doodler pens range from $49 to $79.

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