How can I project my phone on a TV in portrait mode?

Episode 1599 (52:52)

David from Orange County, CA
iPhone XS

David wants to know how he can project his mobile device to a portrait sized monitor. He wants the monitor to have the same aspect ratio as the phone.  Leo says that they tried to do that at TWiT, and you can, but it's quite expensive. One solution is to buy the Apple XDR monitor for $5K and the $1,000 stand. But there are other options out there. David has a monitor that will flip to portrait. Leo says that most operating systems can tell when the aspect ratio changes and adjusts. Apple has an emulator mode, where you can run an app on a Mac and it will look like it's on a phone. 

You can also use AppleTV, but Leo isn't sure the OS is smart enough to rotate the aspect ratio with you.

According to MikeB, Samsung is making a vertical TV, so that may be an option soon, but only for Korea ATM. And it's $1600.