How can I be sure I'm getting my Android updates?

Episode 1599 (2:05:58)

Nathan from New Brunswick, Canada
Fido Solutions

Nathan wants to switch from cellphone providers. He gets his Android updates from one, will he lose them? Leo says that FIDO is a ROGERS MVNO, and Android updates come in three stages. 1) google releases it 2) the cellphone maker certifies it 3) the carrier has to agree to push it out. All three have to happen to get the update. Leo's opinion is that since Roger's owns FIDO as an MVNO, it's likely you'll keep getting them. But it's worth following them on XDA Developers or Reddit to see when they come out. If your phone is a Samsung, go to Google wants to try and bypass this, called Project Treble, which takes critical updates and puts them in the play store so users can just go get them.