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Watch Richard from Sonoma, CA Comments

Richard recently came across his old Google G1, the first Android mobile device. Now he's at the Google Pixl2 XL and he wants a phone with an SD card for storage. Leo says that SD card slots are on a lot of phones, but they are notoriously difficult. The operating system doens't trust them to install apps. But Samsung seems to have gotten a handle on it. Leo recommends the Samsung Galaxy S10. But understand that Samsung does modify the Android OS a bit to make everything work the way they want. Some things are great, some aren't. Which is why Leo roots his and uses a custom launcher.

Watch Ray from Escondido, CA Comments

Ray wants to know how he can update macOS without an internet connection? He has more than one computer and doesn't want to download the update more than once. Leo says that you can copy the installer and then use it on the other computer if you do it within an hour or two. It'll be up to date. What happens when a patch has multiple versions? Leo says that sometimes Apple slipstreams a fix into an existing patch, and users end up with two different versions. That can be confusing. But go with the most recent one.

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Watch David from Orange County, CA Comments

David wants to know how he can project his mobile device to a portrait sized monitor. He wants the monitor to have the same aspect ratio as the phone.  Leo says that they tried to do that at TWiT, and you can, but it's quite expensive. One solution is to buy the Apple XDR monitor for $5K and the $1,000 stand. But there are other options out there. David has a monitor that will flip to portrait. Leo says that most operating systems can tell when the aspect ratio changes and adjusts. Apple has an emulator mode, where you can run an app on a Mac and it will look like it's on a phone. 

You can also use AppleTV, but Leo isn't sure the OS is smart enough to rotate the aspect ratio with you.

According to MikeB, Samsung is making a vertical TV, so that may be an option soon, but only for Korea ATM. And it's $1600.

Watch Myron from Burnsville, MN Comments

Myron has the iPad Pro and he's recently bought a 13" MacBook Pro. But with Apple's new iPadOS coming, does he really need it? Leo says it depends. Leo says that it won't be equivalent to a MacBook Pro, but it will be much improved and will give you a lot more options, including connecting an external hard drive or thumb drive. But if you're just doing everyday things, the iPad is really all you need.

Watch Glen from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Glen has an old Toshiba laptop running Windows 10. Recently, he bought a new SSD drive for it, and when he cloned the old drive, it wouldn't clone the recovery partition. Leo says it may be available to it because it's considered a separate drive. Don't do it partition by partition: just clone the entire drive. But the recovery partition isn't a traditional partition, so that may be why. But you can always download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and use that on a thumb drive as your recovery. There's also a make recovery disk tool in that recovery partition to make your own with all the drivers for your Toshiba.

Watch Carol from Orange County, CA Comments

Carol is a casting director and she's heading back east for a big project. She needs a way to take images and organize them into multiple categories. Leo says that almost all photo editing apps like Lightroom have tagging. Google Photos also works. You can use the Albums feature, which enables multiple albums with the same image in it. And anyone can share it. Leo says that Adobe Lightroom has cloud storage and sync to multiple computers. So that's an option. 

She also needs a mass texting and emailing option. 

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Watch John from Portland, ME Comments

John has a Radeon graphics card and he wants to know if he can use three monitors running it? Leo says that most modern video cards can handle four or more, so it's not too much a stretch to do three. Look it up in your manual and just try it in the end.

Watch Scott from Orange County, CA Comments

Scott has seen the new Mac Pro and wants to know how much it is? Leo says it starts at $6,000 for 8 cores with 32GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive. But for editing, as Scott does, you're going to drop $25-30K easy. And don't forget that $6,000 monitor, keyboard and mouse. 

Watch Caroline from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Caroline's son wants a gaming computer, but she doesn't have a lot of money and wants to know what Leo can recommend. Leo says that if you're on a budget, it's a good time to buy a gaming console. Microsoft's Xbox 1S is about $250 right now, where the Xbox 1S Fortnight Edition is $100 off as well. Then you can get him a regular computer for homework. Keep him on a console and leave it in the living room so that way you have control over how much he games.

Watch Nathan from New Brunswick, Canada Comments

Nathan wants to switch from cellphone providers. He gets his Android updates from one, will he lose them? Leo says that FIDO is a ROGERS MVNO, and Android updates come in three stages. 1) google releases it 2) the cellphone maker certifies it 3) the carrier has to agree to push it out. All three have to happen to get the update. Leo's opinion is that since Roger's owns FIDO as an MVNO, it's likely you'll keep getting them. But it's worth following them on XDA Developers or Reddit to see when they come out. If your phone is a Samsung, go to Google wants to try and bypass this, called Project Treble, which takes critical updates and puts them in the play store so users can just go get them. 

Watch Brian from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Brian's TV recently went black. Leo says that means the backlight has died and it's really not worth repairing. So it's time to get a new TV!

Watch Greg from Apple Valley, CA Comments

Greg has an old Gateway laptop running Windows 7 where it automatically upgraded to Windows 10. Leo says that's a great thing as Windows 7 will go end of life in January, so you're in good shape. But Greg says his screen went blank and is spinning "diagnosing your PC." Leo says it's clearly crashed. The hard drive probably failed, so the choice is to buy a new computer or spend the money to put in a new hard drive. But that computer is pretty old. A new computer will let you do more than that 10-year-old laptop. But if you're fine with getting a new hard drive and keeping the computer going, then you can get one for about $100 or thereabouts, and you can change it out yourself. He should get an SSD drive for it. 

But you won't be able to get anything back from that old hard drive. If you don't have a backup, then you're pretty much out of luck. You may be able to pay someone to get the data off if the drive is still spinning. But it's 50-50 whether they will do be able to do it. But if it's spinning, there's a good chance.