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Watch Elizabeth from California Comments

Elizabeth forgot her password on her Windows computer and Dell wants money to reset it. Leo says that she won't really have to pay for it. There should be a hidden administrator account in Windows that will enable her to log in and change the password on it. It's kinda complicated, but it can be done. She can try typing in "admin" and then hit return.

She can also download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, save it to a thumb drive and then boot into it. She'll have to adjust the BIOS settings (usually F12 or F1, Esc or delete) and change the boot order to add the thumb drive. She can then wipe the computer and start over. 

Watch Alice from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alice wants to know which remote software to use. RemotePC or GotoMyPC? Leo says that they're very similar and both do the same thing. RemotePC is an advertiser but is half the price of GotoMyPC. And they have a free trial before you buy.

If you have Windows 10 Professional edition, it comes with its own remote access options, but there is a known security flaw in it, and Leo recommends waiting until Microsoft fixes it. 

Watch Eddie from San Diego, CA Comments

Eddie wants to buy a new Windows PC. What should he get? Leo says that he recommends a new Dell Tower. But HP and Lenovo work too. How much RAM? Well, for general stuff, 16GB of RAM will keep him comfortable. Get an Intel 8th Gen i5 processor, or even an AMD processor (they're cheaper). 

But for what Eddie is doing, a Chromebook or Chromebox would probably be a better buy. Windows machines are really overkill now. 

Watch Dale from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dale wants to know if he can plug in a keyboard and mouse with his Xbox. Leo says he can, but the real question is, does the game support it? It's really going to be game-by-game to see what happens. But the hardware supports it. 

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Watch Nancy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Nancy bought an HP Stream laptop. Is that for streaming video only? Can she only use it with the internet? Leo says that she can, sure. But if she doesn't have internet access, turn on hotspotting on a mobile device. 

Watch Kris from Miami, FL Comments

Kris wants to get a new hard drive for his Mac. Leo says to get a 512GB hard drive that will house the OS and programs, and then an external drive for data. Going with a Thunderbolt 3 will make it faster than the internal drive. 

Watch Bob from Corona, CA Comments

Bob recently cut the cable and is now streaming. He wants to know if he can use his old coax cable and connect it to the antenna. Leo says he may be able to, depending on the impedance. It should work, but look what kind of cable the antenna supports. Splitters may also cause a problem. From the chatroom - if the Coax is RG59 or RG9, he's in good shape.

Watch Ben from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ben is getting a "blue frowning face," which Leo says is the new bluescreen of death. Leo says it's likely a hardware or driver issue. Modern operating systems don't BSOD when an app crashes anymore. But low-level errors like drivers or hardware will cause it. If it's just doing it when he's doing nothing, it could mean a failing power supply. Also, make sure the drivers are up to date.

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Watch Stan from Commerce, CA Comments

Stan has a thumb drive where he saved all his information, but it stopped working. Leo says a thumb drive is a terrible place to keep original data or backup, but Stan can try Recuva. The program is from CCleaner, which is a pretty reputable company.

Watch Dave from West Lake Village, California Comments

Dave upgraded his nephew's PC into a gaming PC, but he needs to upgrade the power supply with an 8 pin power cable. He bought one, but will he have issues? Leo says he will be OK if the PINOUTs on both connectors are power only. Don't plug it into a data plug if it's a 4 pin connector. Any issues with installing a new PCIe graphic's card before booting up? Leo says he may have to specify the external GPU in the BIOS, and then let Windows install the necessary drivers. 

What's Optane RAM? Leo says that Optane is Intel's new 3D RAM, but it may also be used as an SSD. So it may be that the motherboard has 16GB of SSD on board and works as a cache for the hard drive. But Dave will still want to get at least 16GB of RAM. 

Watch Sherman from Tustin, California Comments

Sherman is going to be going hiking around the world and wants to know which service to go with? Leo says that Google Fi is great because it uses three separate mobile carriers. He could also go with TMobile, they offer 2G around the world for no extra cost. But it's slow. He's also getting a Chromebook, is an i5 processor fine? Leo says it'll be expensive, but he can. Does he need a VPN? Leo says not really.  Especially in a country like China, where using a VPN will get him arrested.

Watch Ralph from Altoona, PA Comments

Ralph has a Dell computer that spins up the hard drive when it's asleep. What gives? Leo says it's probably running a program like mail in the background and it will still retrieve the email from time to time. Windows 10 also phones home from time to time to check for updates, indexing files, etc. He can always run the Microsoft Process Explorer, as part of Sysinternals, to see what's doing on. 

Ralph also has a printing problem. It will print a test page, but nothing else. Leo says that the printer driver is broken, and it's causing problems with the print spooler. So just go to the printer website and download the latest drivers.