Should I keep my landline?

Episode 1597 (54:23)

Catherine from Ontario, CA
 Panasonic KX-TSC60SXB Landline

Catherine wants to know that since everyone has a cellphone now, is it a waste of money to have a landline? Leo says that most people don't have landlines, but the issue is that with 911, they know your location on a landline. They can send police and fire directly to you. But with mobile devices, the 911 is "e911" which is a regional 911. They don't really know where you are, other than your GPS coordinates.  Then they have to forward your call to a local fire and police department. Also, in the event of a disaster, electric service will go down, and that cell lines will become overloaded. Using a landline solves both these problems since landlines have their own electricity.