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Watch Charisse from Lancaster, CA Comments

Charisse's mother has an iMac and would like to get her software that will help her pay bills by writing checks. Leo says that QuickBooks is very popular. But it may be a handful. There's also Mac Personal Checkwriter. Understand though, that you'll have to get special checks that can be printed on your printer. Here's a complete list of the best check writing apps for 2019 -

Watch Tony from Bowie, MD Comments

Tony wants to know if high-end Speaker Cables are worth the money. He spent $400 on some recently. Leo says HOLY COW. They also offer a "break in service." Is that worth the money? Leo says that cables don't need to be broken in, but the Speakers may. $400 for cables is pretty steep. There's no real way to measure if expensive gold cables are any better than lower cost cables. It's entirely subjective, whether you think it sounds better or not. But if it sounds better to you, then it is better. So, why not?

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Watch David from Indianapolis, IN Comments

Caller wants to dual boot into Windows with Boot Camp, but it's telling him that he doesn't have an Intel processor, so it won't work. He bought a used Mac, what gives? Leo says it may be that Mac doesn't have the most recent version of the OS (it's running El Capitan).  Leo says to do a clean install of MACOS and do an immediately BootCamp installation. See if that works. 

Watch Catherine from Ontario, CA Comments

Catherine wants to know that since everyone has a cellphone now, is it a waste of money to have a landline? Leo says that most people don't have landlines, but the issue is that with 911, they know your location on a landline. They can send police and fire directly to you. But with mobile devices, the 911 is "e911" which is a regional 911. They don't really know where you are, other than your GPS coordinates.  Then they have to forward your call to a local fire and police department. Also, in the event of a disaster, electric service will go down, and that cell lines will become overloaded. Using a landline solves both these problems since landlines have their own electricity.

Watch Dan from US Virgin Islands Comments

Dan bought a Lighthouse Security Camera and he likes it. But since the company has gone out of business, he wonders what's the best alternative? Leo says that while NEST IQ cameras are supposed to have the same features, Leo says he doesn't think they're as smart as the Lighthouse. 

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Watch Tom from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Tom is looking at a program to create a living trust through Susan Orman's Wills & Trusts website. Is that safe? Leo says that they will have to encrypt your personal information in order to keep it safe, and if you don't trust Time Life or Suzie Orman, then don't. Also, make sure the connection is secure before you give it out. What are their security practices and privacy policy? Would it be better to use software and keep the data on Tom's system? Leo says not really. In fact, the cloud is probably safer than your own computer. Leo says that it's better to go with an attorney. 

Watch John from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

John got an "Obama Phone" with AirVoice Wireless. When he got a new Motorola Moto Phone that was unlocked, it says it uses GSM or LTE. And AirVoice Wireless only uses Verizon. Can he use the phone? Leo says that Verizon is CDMA, so a GSM phone won't work. But AirVoice also says they're an AT&T carrier. From the chatroom - input the APN settings listed here and it needs to be a phone that works with AT&T.

Watch Rich from Wooster, MA Comments

Rich is looking for a camera that will allow him to edit in camera. He wants to be sure he can post videos to youtube and protect his rights. Leo says that YouTube is a private company, and so they can cut you off if you violate their terms and conditions. Only the government is prohibited. However, police can arrest you if you record a police officer. You have to record them openly, not in secret. 

To record, edit, and share, Leo recommends using a smartphone. It's really an all in one solution. 

Watch Lyle from Jackson, MI Comments

Lyle is looking for a tracking device for kids, so he can keep track of them, especially when missing. Leo says that there's the Little Tracker ($69) and there's some you can put in shows and other clothing. The Trax Play is $99 plus a $10 monthly subscription. The cool feature is Geo Fencing, which alerts you when the kid moves out of a set area. TomGuide has a list of the Best GPS trackers for kids here -,review-2884.html

Watch Scott from Long Beach, CA Comments

Scott doesn't want his smartphone to phone home and spy on him. Leo says that both IOS and Android will allow you to turn off their cell access, thereby preventing them from phoning home. But realize that will limit their usefulness.  Check out this article on how apps phone home -