How fast should my internet be for streaming?

Episode 1596 (1:23:49)

Frank from Palos Verdes, CA

Frank's grandkids are coming over for Father's Day and he's worried that his internet is too slow. What does he need for on-demand streaming? Leo says that Netflix has a standard of 25MB down. But Leo says its best to have twice that. 

Frank also has an old computer with all his personal data on it. He doesn't trust the cloud, but he wants to get a new computer. Leo says that in most cases, the cloud is more secure than the laptop. That's why Leo recommends Chromebooks. They're secure, they're pretty fast, but everything is kept in the cloud. You can even do online banking with MINT. The other option is your iPad. And Leo recommends maintaining a strong, long password. And make sure you turn on 2-factor authentication. Then your safer in the cloud than you are at home.