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Watch Mike from Santa Anna, CA Comments

Mike watches YouTube off his laptop and he keeps getting popups requiring him to log into his Google account to watch videos. What gives? Leo says that Google is starting to get restrictive on some content, and it may be that you have to log into YouTube in order to view sensitive or explicit videos. That doesn't mean anything other than topics that aren't advertiser-friendly. Leo also says it enables Google to collect data on you, so they can monetize it. Get ready, that's the future.

Watch Howard from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Howard has a computer with a Blu-Ray burner, but he doesn't have software to use it. What apps are available? Leo says that NERO was the gold standard for burning DVDs for years, but they may not do Blu-ray. Leo says that Premiere Elements 2018 and later can burn to Blu-Ray directly. So you don't really need a third party app. Leo also likes ROXIO. But you may end up with a special driver that can cause compatibility issues. Stick with Adobe Premiere Elements. Leo also likes FoxIt. 

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Watch Doug from Encinitas, CA Comments

Doug bought a Tracfone LG Rebel 3 mobile phones. But the problem is, he can't get a phone number for it because Verizon doesn't support 4G anymore, only LTE. Whats the difference? Leo says that LTE is a bit faster, but it's odd that Verizon doesn't support it anymore. But they may have just killed 4G. Leo says to pull the SIM and try another carrier to see if it's not carrier locked. If it isn't, then go to Straight Talk.

Watch Frank from Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Frank's grandkids are coming over for Father's Day and he's worried that his internet is too slow. What does he need for on-demand streaming? Leo says that Netflix has a standard of 25MB down. But Leo says its best to have twice that. 

Frank also has an old computer with all his personal data on it. He doesn't trust the cloud, but he wants to get a new computer. Leo says that in most cases, the cloud is more secure than the laptop. That's why Leo recommends Chromebooks. They're secure, they're pretty fast, but everything is kept in the cloud. You can even do online banking with MINT. The other option is your iPad. And Leo recommends maintaining a strong, long password. And make sure you turn on 2-factor authentication. Then your safer in the cloud than you are at home.

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Watch Joseph from Orange County, CA Comments

Joseph says that AI can more accurately predict things than humans, so why should we trust things like political decisions, medical decisions, and even financial trading to anything but AI? Leo says that we're not there yet. But in the not too distant future, that may be the case. Look at self-driving cars: they have come a long way and someday, cars will be completely automated. But when that happens, millions of drivers will be out of work. Now multiply that by brokers, lawyers, doctors, etc. 

Leo recommends the book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. In the book, AI still needs to be given a goal, and only humans can give it that. And in medicine, AI can't give you the bedside manner that humans need, the emotional care. What is the role of Humans and AI? That's going to evolve, but even perfect AIs aren't going to take over completely. And we're not even there yet.

Watch Pat from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Pat has a google home hub and she thinks it's been hacked. What can she do? Leo says that it's likely that someone has hacked Pat's Google account. Leo recommends changing her password and turning on 2-factor authentication. Add an account recovery number and email as well. That will keep someone from changing your password. Leo also recommends turning off "share your device" in the settings and set up Voice Match. 

Watch John from San Bernardino, CA Comments

John is moving to a rural area of Pennsylvania, and the only internet available is via satellite. What are his options? Leo recommends first visiting and see if there are any wireless ISPs there. If so, that's certainly going to be a better option than Satellite. But if you have to have a satellite, then the best option is Exede by Wild Blue. It's not cheap and you certainly won't be streaming with it.

Watch David from Riverside, CA Comments

David takes a lot of pictures with his smartphone and he is having issues transferring his pictures to his computer. He plugs in the iPhone to his Windows PC and drags and drops. But it stops. Leo says that Windows is awful doing that. It's not fault tolerant and it can time out really easily. Microsoft has a command line option called ROBO COPY that'll handle it without error. But in the long run, that's a difficult way to do it. Leo recommends using Google Photos. And the photos are just as good. But if you want the exact copy pixel for pixel, you'll have to pay for any storage beyond 5GB. And if you're an Amazon Prime customer, you have free storage. 

Watch Veronica from Irvine, CA Comments

Veronica wants to know if her Chromebook works on a home network. Leo says if you have internet access, you will. Are they secure? Leo says absolutely. The thing is, a Chromebook uses ChromeOS, which uses a browser-based interface. This makes it far more secure. And if it does get infected you can simply use the "power wash" feature to start over. But it stores all your data in the cloud, which is far more secure than a hard drive on your laptop.